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Community Guard Catches a Thief with Zhenghui Flashlight

Security men of a residential community in Lucheng District caught a “spider thief” after nearly two hours’ effort in which a bright torch made by Zhenghui played a principal role.

At 3 a.m. on August 7, 2007, it was particularly gloomy that night. An urgent phone rang in the guard room. It was a resident from 16th Floor, Block10. He said that he heard someone outside and caught a glimpse of a shadow flit across the window when he got up to bathroom. After receiving the call, the security guards went there immediately and found nothing unusual. At that time, a security guard searched the outer wall of the building with Zhenghui torch and caught the shadow. In sight of bright light of Zhenghui torch, they saw a man dressed in black struggling to crawl up the wall. He notified the other colleagues and the captain who was on duty at the gate immediately.

Everyone arrived downstairs soon quite soon. To prevent the thief from escaping, the captain kept several guards at the exit and he searched every square with the other ones in the building, from stairs, storage room to hallway, etc.

By 5 a.m., they have searched each floor but got nothing. Everyone seemed to give up. “Has the thief already run away?” the captain meditated and suddenly saw the Zhenghui torch had kept its super brightness all the time. “Ah yes, the salesgirl has said this torch can survey traces, fingerprint photographing. We won’t miss it as long as he is still in this building.” The captain decided to start a second search. This time they found some vague footprints with the super bright Zhenghui torch. They eventually caught the shivering man hiding above the water tank The thief was soon arrested with his loot (more than 3,000 yuan and two mobile phones) by the police.

The captured man accounted his whole story. He carried out two housebreaking within that building before dawn. As soon as being discovered, he thought it will be perfectly safe to stay above the water tank and wait for an opportunity to escape. He just did not expect that an “ordinary” Zhenghui torch made him nowhere to hide.

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